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Red LightBulb PhotographyRed LightBulb PhotographyRed LightBulb Photography
Specialist Photography for you or your business
  • Pet Photography - We take time to get to know your furry friend in order to bring out the personality that you know and love. We then capture that special image for you to enjoy for years to come. 

  • Personal Portraiture - We carefully guide you through the process in order to get the best photographs for your wall, album or portfolio.

  • Food and Product Photography - We create stunning pictures for your wall or menu and for your advertising campaigns.  We also offer high volume product photography for Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and other online Marketplaces. 

  • Fantasy Portraiture - Dress up and create an image that YOU want. The Fine Art finish will give you that Scottish Warrior, Victorian Lady,  Western hero look that you can treasure forever.

  • Media Design  -  With more than ten years experience in media design I can offer a creative and professional product for your business and clients.  From business cards to banners, Catalogues to Calendars. 

  • Stop Motion Animation - Stop motion videos are popular with the big brands. We make our own, inhouse stop motion videos to your specifications.

  • Gift ideas from Sadsac Designs  -  Sadsac Designs offer a huge range of creative designs for t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, mugs, pillows, bags, phone cases and much, much more. Take a look through our shop for details.


Our Services

Pet Portraiture & Puppy Packages

Immortalize your beloved pet forever in a frame. Pet portraiture gives that beautiful fine art look that you will enjoy and admire long after your best friend has gone. Puppy litter packages are now available.

Portraits, Portfolios & Fine Art

Whether the portrait is for an individual or for a family, or just for you and your dog, Red LightBulb Photography can meet your needs. Whether for personal or business use.

Food & Product Photography

A picture sells a thousand pieces. Food pictures that make you drool or product photos that sell your wares. See our gallery for examples.

Photography Classes & Events

Let's get you off Auto and onto Manual so that you can take better, saleable photographs. Let's work together to up your game, to teach you how to take better photographs by understanding light and how by manipulating light, you can improve as a photographer.

Stop Motion Videos

Create your own dynamic and personalised Videos for products, food or for people.

Graphic Design

We can design and produce banners, cards, calendars, advertising media and much, much more. Contact us for prices.

Event Information

Event InformationEvent InformationEvent Information
Improve your Photography Events, meet-ups and one-to-one sessions.
See below for prices and our terms and conditions and please read them prior to booking.

Stay up to date with our latest events by clicking HERE (Takes you to Facebook)

If you wish to book a local meet-up
                 For 2 hour meets at £25  CLICK HERE

                 For 3 hour meets at £40  CLICK HERE

If you would like to book a one-to-one session, please email Prices are as follows:
Half day 3-4 hours £85
Full day 7-8 hours £120

Terms and conditions
All events are weather dependent and any event may be postponed due to rain/snow/high winds etc. clients may be offered alternative dates or events of at least, the value of the booking.
All payments are refundable in full if the booking is cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the booked event. Cancellations with less than 48 hours prior to an event will incur a cost of 50% of the booking fee. No refunds will be given if a client fails to show for an event without contacting the host prior that event. All cancellations must be acknowledged by the host in order to be valid.
If the host cancels the event at any time, the client may be offered another date/event (The host will only cancel events due to illness or inclement weather). If an alternative date can not be agreed, a full refund will be given.

Each booking is made for one individual client. Should the client show up to an event with another person, that person will be asked to leave or to pay the booking fee, prior to the event starting.

Contact us

Contact us here. We are based near Middlesbrough in the North East but we are happy to travel and give a quote for any location.

  • Across the United Kingdom